Printer Problems

Last Writes® has a history of being able to work with almost any printer. However, the recent proliferation of multi-function and color capable systems, coupled with new entries into the inkjet and laser printer market has reached the point where we no longer feel comfortable with the normal expectations of working with any printer that's out there.

We therefore feel obligated to convey the following:

1. First of all, when you print a record or a report to a printer, it is NOT Last Writes® that is doing the printing. All that Last Writes® does is send commands to Windows, which then passes them on to a printer driver, which knows all about your particular printer and translates the standard Windows drawing commands into a format that the printer can understand. If a report prints fine to one printer but not another, it is the fault of the printer driver as Last Writes® sends the exact same commands out to Windows no matter what printer it is printing to.

2. We know from experience that small desk-top laser printers are the most likely to provide satisfactory results.

3. We cannot positively guarantee you that your printer will print all forms and reports to your complete satisfaction, or to the satisfaction of Vital Statistics/Records personnel. (We are specifically concerned with the Death Certificate and other "Official" forms.)

4. If, during your 30 day trial period there are problems printing these "Official" forms with your current printer, and we cannot satisfactorily resolve them, we offer the following options:

    a. We will specify a printer that we know will work and we will refund 50% of the purchase price of that printer
         if you buy and use it for Last Writes®. (Offer valid only after you buy the program!)


    b. If you prefer, we will let the 30 day trial-timer expire, and you will not be billed for the program.

Unfortunately, we just can't devote endless hours to resolving printer and printer driver problems to the exclusion of our other obligations and responsibilities. We hope you understand our position. (For a more detailed explanation of printer problems and solutions, see page 2 of this document.)