Last Writes Tips and Hints

Q. Why does Last Writes override the spelling of my word? I know it is correct.

A. Microsoft Access has a list of words internally so that if it thinks a word is incorrectly spelled,
it will automatically change it. To override this behavior, type the word as it should be spelled
(such as cotten vice cotton). Hit the space bar then hit CTRL-Z. Then move the cursor somewhere
else. The word should be correct.


Q. When I print the Death Certificate and various other forms, I get multiple pages. What can I do?

A. There are several things you can try.

  • For the Death Certificate, press the Margins button, then press the 'Load Defaults' button then start
        reducing the top margin about 0.05" at a time until it prints on one page. If it is too far off from the
        official form, the registrar may reject it.
  • For the DC, you can try going into your Printer's Properties and set paper size to legal.
  • Buy a new HP 10XX laser jet. Many Inkjets will not print close enough to the edge of the paper.
  • Go to your Printer's Properties and set it to "direct" vice "spool" and reboot.
  • Download the latest driver for your printer. This has fixed the problem for several printers.
        HP's driver web page is at HP Driver Page
  • More Printer Information

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    Q. After I email a PDF file, where can I find the file later?

    A. You can find all your PDF files by opening the Last Writes folder on the desktop and double click
    "PDFs." You may want to delete these periodically to save space on your hard drive. You can always
    recreate a PDF later if needed by proceeding to send an email, then exiting the email form before
    pushing the SEND button. It will generate a PDF file in the PDFs folder.


    Q. I really need to change the Death State, where can I do that?

    A. You can change the death state by going to the Clergy Record, Cremation Authorization or the
    Long Obit and change it there. In the future, we will put the Death State on the Arrangement Record.


    Q. When I enter an Urn on the Casket Price List, it doesn't show up in the drop down list on the Purchase Contract

    A. If you are having difficulty bringing urn prices from the CPL into the Purchase Contract, do not
    use the Category "Urn" from the drop-down list in the CPL. Instead, use the category of "Cremation Unit"
    and include the word URN in the description.
    (This programming error will be corrected in version 1.35)

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